A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Have you ever been shopping before?

Well, have you ever been extreme shopping?

Now you can!

  • Use LEAP Motion and Oculus Rift together for the most immersive shopping experience on the internet.
  • Shop down endless aisles of excitement
  • How much money worth of food can you get in your cart?


  • Watch out for spikes and saws, you don't want to touch those...
  • Fill your cart with food goodies, you do want to touch those!
  • Flail your arms around to get all the tasty food into your cart

Created by Petricore, Inc.

Install instructions

1. Install both the Oculus Runtime drivers and the LEAP Motion drivers.

2. Setup the Leap Motion Control Panel, and the Oculus Configuration Utility.

3. Make sure your devices are ready to go, Oculus hooked up and Leap Motion Controller on the head mount.

4. Take either build of the game from your platform folder out of the zip.

(PC) Make sure that the corresponding data folder goes with it!

5. Launch the exe or app.

6. Shop 'til you drop!


Shopping Spree V1.0.0 PC.zip (44 MB)
Shopping Spree V1.0.0 Mac.zip (48 MB)

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